Growing mushrooms in a laundry basket

Thought you might like to see a great way to grow mushrooms outdoors if you have a shady place that gets watered regularly…
This technique also works indoors, but the laundry basket is usually bagged or boxed until the straw is completely colonised with mycelium. This technique has both upsides and downsides, but most importantly, it’s easy, and gets people growing mushrooms! Huzzah…
Zodd’s oyster mushrooms
VelaCreations’ colonised straw
Fungifield’s golden oysters
VelaCreations’ basket, bagged and ready to fruit
VelaCreations’ fruiting oyster mushrooms
Grow your own’s oyster mushrooms – delish!
At Milkwood Farm, we’ve opted to grow our oyster mushrooms in double buckets. We chose this technique to alleviate the need to bag or box the inner bucket to maintain humidity and isolate the substrate (because that’s the outer bucket’s job), and also to ensure that the plastic that the mycelium is in is food grade.
However, many home mushroom propagators use the laundry basket technique, and it illustrates yet another way oyster mushrooms can be grown inside, outside and upside down, once you have the basic knowledge, skills, tools and of course mycelium… mmm mushrooms.
Join Will Borowski at a Milkwood mushroom cultivation course and leave with all the knowledge and skills you’ll need to get growing mushrooms inside and outside, in all sorts of ways.
We also supply students with multiple strains of mycelium in petri dishes, inoculated shiitake logs, fruiting bags of mushrooms and heaps of other resources. Yummo.